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Elbow Room

October 7, 2012

You have a party of 2 and are wanting to sit down at a larger table that seats 6 people . . . . .


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  1. javaj240 permalink

    Yeah. Not too narcissistic, are you?

  2. javaj240 permalink

    That’s awesome. You should read my post from yesterday, I wish I had known the phrase King Syndrome then. So would have used it. LOL!

  3. LOL! I used to be a waitress, and it is unbelievable the sense of entitlement you get from people! I admire your stamina to stay in the industry.

  4. That picture cracked me up!

  5. Gary Lum permalink

    That’s a great image 🙂

  6. Margy Rydzynski permalink

    Damn straight!

      • isunshineporter permalink

        You are welcome & By the way thanks for posting. I really enjoy reading you blog. So sad but yet so true.

  7. And for some reason, those people will sit forever at that table.

  8. I love the picture!… Sara

  9. Hey Ross,

    Thanks a lot for liking my post on

    I spent the last hour and a little more reading your various posts. Boy, you have a perspective here that promises to sanitize the most discerning restaurant visitors among us. I particularly enjoyed the sense of piquant humor that’s in a class all its own.

    Great job, and please keep ’em coming!

  10. marvelmarvellous permalink

    hate that situation. your blog is great. thank you for bringing me here.

  11. Yes… We demand space! 😀

    • Or its “Well, theres no one sitting there, so why cant we have it?”

      • ckponderings permalink

        🙂 To be fair, if there’s two of us, it’s quite nice to have a four-seater table, particularly as two-seater ones tend to be quite small…

  12. Yes, I’ll have to agree with ckponderings, but I loved this post and I hear your point.

  13. Mishka permalink

    …that happened to me last night with two deuces that turned into 6 tops (at the same time) all wanting separate checks at the end at the SAME TIME.. while I attended another 6 and another deuce,.. eventually closed out $30+ to cash to avoid dealing with them.

  14. I just tried to refollow your blog, there should be a button to do that. I liked your post so much I refollowed you.

  15. kitchensex permalink

    Reblogged this on Kitchen Sex and commented:
    I hate when they do this!

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