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Cheap Jail

September 26, 2012

Before you even order you ask me “How much does a coke cost?” Red Alert!! Red Alert!! Somebody call the Cheap Police. We have a possible suspect.

I’ve just gotten a glimpse of the kind of tip I’m probably going to be getting from you. You didn’t even bother to look in the menu for the price, and you are worried about the cost of a coke. I know I sound like a broken record, but don’t dine out if you can’t afford it. I will gladly google the directions of the nearest Burger King for you. Oh yeah, and one more thing, don’t roll your eyes and tell me that you can purchase a six pack of coke for the same price at the store, because chances are, you’re going to get at least 10 refills to make sure you’re getting your moneys worth. If you see me standing at your table with my eyes closed, it’s only because I’m imagining you exploding.

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  1. I’m going to disagree with you on this one! We are very good tippers but I REFUSE to pay $3.50 for a coke. BTW I do love your blog!

    • Yes, I agree that 3.50 is expensive for a coke. I mean at that point, why not spend an extra buck or two and order a beer instead. I guess it all depends on what kind of restaurant it is. I dont think I’d pay that either. But, its nice when youre a server.

  2. eatwilmington permalink

    For real.

  3. pamasaurus permalink

    I always order water, and, as someone who worked in the food industry for a long time, I know that water is usually ordered by the cheap people.

    Then, I worry that they think I’m cheap, when, really, I don’t like to drink my calories.

    • I dont think people who want water are cheap at all. Sometimes thats all you need. Its asking how much the cheapest item on the menu is, that worries me.

      • pamasaurus permalink

        Oh yeah, I completely understand your point 😉 I was just saying, in way too many words, that working in the food industry has made eating out an interesting experience, haha.

    • Mishka permalink

      as long as you leave an extra STANDARD $1 tip for the water, as you SHOULD DO AT THE BAR…

  4. javaj240 permalink

    We actually SHARE a parking lot with a Burger King. When people complain about the prices I’m tempted to remind them of this. I love it when the get a kids meal from next door and try to feed it to their kid on the sly. To let them know that they are not getting one over on me, I give the kid a crown from BK (I keep a stash behind the bar) to wear in our restaurant.

    Our kids meals are about $1.50 more and we have burgers, too. Just for the record.

    • That has to really blow. No outside food or drink. Hello!! People just dont seem to get it. That has to be frusterating.

  5. Tim Borgerding permalink



  6. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Haha! i just wanted to share it was 2.50 euro to order a coke in a restaurant once. No refills. 🙂

  7. FF Restaurants like McDonald have pretty expensive cook too…
    I just want to share, look at what I posted.

  8. You make me laugh, or rather your customers make me laugh.

  9. Dr. Evil always says they loose money when I get soda because I’m the annoying ‘you might as well bring me two to save you time’ soda drinker. And I drink them both. I don’t share. It’s my soda Dr. Evil – keep your mitts off. So…$3.50 is a bargain for me…..bahwhahaha

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