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Eat The Lasagna On My Cheek

September 21, 2012


I walk over to greet your table only to find you fully making out with your signifigant other. I walk away for a moment and return with a fire hose on full blast. “May I take your order?”

This is awkward. It’s great that your so enamoured with each other that you’ve forgotten that you’re in a restaurant, but no one wants to see this. Especially if you have bits of food on your face, like peas or mashed potatos. I can only stand by the table and try to loudly clear my throat for so long.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. I worked for a long time as a bouncer in a popular bar here in Rochester. I would tend the bar every so often if we were short staff, but I would dread it. I have so much respect for the people in restaurant industry, because most people are just assholes.

    • Thanks. Im glad you get it. So many people who have never worked in customer service, just dont seem to get it.

  2. You haven’t cornered that particular market. Don’t feel so put upon. One gets them in every walk of life.
    Have a great weekend, even if you are working.

  3. ciao! thanks for (ad)dressing my blog. i checked yours, brought a smile to my lips and it’s just a luvFAB.

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