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Hang Up

September 13, 2012


Server: Hello everybody, can I start you off with something to drink?

Customer 1 : (Too busy texting on his phone to talk)

Customer 2: (Can’t  talk because she’s too busy looking at lame pictures of herself on her ipad)

Server: Hello everybody, can I start you off with something to drink?

Server: Hello everybody, can I start you off with something to drink?

Server: Hello everybody, can I start you off with something to drink?

I know those seats are comfortable, but please try and remember that you’re no longer at home. “Hey, let’s go out on a date and not talk to each other at all. Instead, we can write about it on facebook and tweet about it while we’re on the actual date.”  Pathetic.

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  1. I had people do this to me at the pharmacy, too, when I was trying to verify I had the correct prescriptions. They look at you like you’re being rude for interrupting them, but they won’t hesitate to cuss you out if they buy the wrong medication. Gah!

  2. My boyfriend and I went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant a while ago. A few tables down from us, there was a family of five, all sitting around their tables with heads bowed. At first glance, it looked like they were saying grace – for a very long time. But looking a bit closer, every single one of them had their phones in their hands under the table doing whatever it is that anti-social families do in that situation. So weird.

  3. Darnell Hassell permalink

    Or email it to each other about how fun it was

    I want a real chance no reality show

  4. javaj240 permalink

    I become a second-grade teacher in the face of this behavior. I stand there, clear my throat, and say, “whenever you’re ready, boys and girls”. If they don’t get the message I walk away. It is rude, disrespectful, and annoying.

  5. I just generally hate people whose lives revolve around the social media… Rude and off-putting. 😦

  6. Anybody who makes a server wait in a busy restaurant is probably inconsiderate enough to leave a tiny tip as well.
    Also, what about those people—there’s always one in every group—who go to a restaurant with friends and order nothing? I had one friend who used to announce that she was full as soon as we sat down at a restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether you mooch off others’ plates. As long as you’re enjoying the comforts of the air-conditioning and the pleasant conversation with friends, you must buy into the program by ordering a fucking meal.

  7. Hi Ross
    I’m back as promised and ready to sign up on your blog as I know have my blog up and running with a few gliches. I hope you’ll sign up again and continue to follow my posts.

  8. This is a little irrelevant to restaurants however, I worked as a street performer for quite some time and nothing aggrovated me more than seeing famililes with their kids walking around playing on ipads instead of enjoying the entertainment in the festivals they were in. I saw one kid playing Angry Birds while there were 6 fire performers infront of her performing amazing stunts and tricks.

  9. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Freakin technology. I have to dmit, don’t call me, text me.

    • Yeah, I guess Im like that too. Its better than having a forced conversation on the phone- ” So uh, how’s the weather?”

  10. catstache permalink

    I hate it when i’m out with friends and they do this. If you don’t have anything to say to me then why are we out for dinner? Have we become so disconnected? I don’t mind if it happens now and then but what is so important that it can’t wait? And to ignore the server who has a million better things to do? Aiya.

  11. mustnoteatcake permalink

    I work in a little independent coffee shop and my boss put up a sign saying “we are unable to serve you if you are on the phone, thank you.” @LRRNorwich it was only meant as a message to our rude customers but someone from the BBC saw it and it went all over the world and my boss ended up on the news because of it.
    It just comes down to basic manners. I always say to the customer you wouldn’t like it if I was on my phone ignoring u. X

  12. eatwilmington permalink

    Same ones who don’t leave a tip;-). They can’t afford it because they have exceeded their monthly text allowance – hah!

  13. It’s everyone! I’ve always been annoyed when eating with someone who is too busy texting…I must admit that I’ve never actually thought about it from the servers’ perspective.

    • Yes, I agree! It really is everyone. Soon the sound of voices in public places will be replaced with the sound of constant clicking on cell phones.

  14. this is possibly one of my biggest pet peeves at restaurants. i don’t blame technology, but people’s control, or lack thereof, of their impulses.

    i’m guilty of pulling out my smartphone to take a quick picture of my meal before getting to business. (i’m that type of asshole.) but usually not until the server has left and my companions and i aren’t really talking about anything. i take the picture for memory reasons and possible critiquing later.

    otherwise, only pull the smartphone out to enhance the conversation. (references, show videos)
    and if a server shows up i try to acknowledge them as soon as possible because i don’t want them standing there waiting on my dumb ass more than they do.

    to be fair, i’ve seen severs sitting there texting away on their phones ignoring people calling to them, though this is to a much lesser extent.

  15. I like dont mind it when people are on their phones at all. If youre taking pics of the food,, even better. It just means that youre actually really into it. Its only when Im standing there and getting ignored because theyre too busy talking or texting. Thats when I wish I had an electric prodder to get their attention.

  16. Good points to bring forward but probably these engrained habits are just a sign of the times. Back in the 1970’s when I waitressed at a golf club there were none of these cell phone distractions but there were other issues. At the risk of generalization, the women club members were very demanding and the men were easier to serve. We didn’t get any tips however as it was all signed notes or “chits”. I think the members thought we were getting tips from the club management as they were under the impression it was all covered in their fees ..but noooo…just minimum wage was all we got. I try to tip well now for good service.

    • Your generalization is pretty spot on. I wish it wasnt like that, but it is. No tips had to really blow. Thanks for the commment 🙂

  17. Mishka permalink

    I get there are ppl that constantly deal with their business.. but when a human interacts with you and asks you a question, look up from your phone/ipad/laptop/etc and make eye contact.

  18. At my local pub in Essex.
    Les, the landlord, is a bit of a grumpy bugger and hence known inevitably as Les Miserables. (Also referred to as Growly, or ‘That’s Mr Growly to you, if you please’ when he’s having a really bad day.
    He looks like a bloodhound on a particularly mournful day. Fair play to him though. He operates a Draconian and rigidly enforced No Mobile Phones In The Pub policy. If your phone rings, that’s a quid in the charity box. If it has a ludicrous ringtone, Les fines you again according to how much it has irritated him. If you answer the call, you get barredfor 24 hours. Texting results in the same punishments.
    ”Take that bloody thing outside!’
    You have to love the man for that attitude

    • Ross Ramsey permalink

      Les sounds like a pretty great guy haha. Thats Great!!

      • Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the story is true, as is the soubriquet Mr Growly So’s my more recent comment about young people texting each other while sitting at the same table

  19. I was killing some time in a pub in Great Dunmow last night. A blameless mineral water at hand. I felt as if i needed something a bit stronger, to be frank

    Five young people at another table. I am not making this up. They were not talking to each other, apart from to argue about the relative merits of networks. They were forwarding texts and photos to each other off their mobile phones. Why not just show your phone to someone, and say ‘Hey look at this. what do you make of it?’

    One last point. why does anyone spend more on a mobile phone than I spent on my laptop?

    I just don’t get it

    • Yeah, I dont understand it at all. Why not just stay home? People are becoming socially retarded. Its too bad.

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