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I’m Cold And Nobody Else Matters

September 4, 2012


It’s a little too cold in here for you? If I tell you that I just turned the heater on will you believe me? Of course you will.

You’re going to be out of here in an hour or so. I still have 4-5 more hours to be here and I’m hot from running around. Here’s a bunch of napkins. Try to make a blanket.

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  1. surroundedbyimbeciles permalink

    My girlfriend does this all the time, and I hate it.

  2. javaj240 permalink

    I always go over and make it look like I’m adjusting the thermostat. I never am. I usually spend the time trying to remember the names of the Apostles or other important things. I always tell them that what I do is, I bring a sweater to publicly air-conditioned places because we all have different ideas of hot and cold. But I like the blanket out of napkins idea, I may use it… It will be my homage to you!

  3. Working in an open plan office with tens of people ALL of whom like slightly different temperatures, or hate aircon or love windows open, or prefer windows closed… I feel your pain! 🙂

  4. OMG — I totally bitch about how cold everywhere is but never have the balls to ask anyone to do anything about it. This is hysterical!

  5. Turn down the music while you’re turning up the AC!

  6. catstache permalink

    There are these amazing new things called jackets!

  7. slothbag permalink

    These people always think the world revolves around them. Apparently we should make restaurants that have individual temperature at each table. I hate people.

    • slothbag permalink

      I meant temperature controls at each table.

  8. I heard about a study where the people in an office fought over the temperature setting. Each one was given a thermostat and told that they could adjust their cubicle temperature. Of course, none of the thermostats worked. But the experiment did. Everybody reported being more comfortable.
    In a large restaurant, how soon does this customer think the whole room temperature will adjust to her preference? Chances are, she will finish her meal before the change takes effect. So, I guess it’s better to let them enjoy the placebo effect.

  9. I just chuckled at the idea of someone creating a napkin-blanket. Seriously, people, think ahead and bring a jacket!

  10. Pearls of wisdom! haha 😀

  11. I just take a sweatshirt with me year round…everyone makes fun of me – until they want it….

  12. lauranancarrow permalink

    I’m always cold in restaurants so I bring lots of layers. I also used to waitress and sweated like a pig most of the time.
    We can’t all be happy!

  13. lauranancarrow permalink

    P.S…you’re funny 🙂

  14. Mishka permalink

    yes… let me turn up the heat to accomidate the other 200+ ppl here that are creating body heat, (that are requesting to turn DOWN the temp) as well to warm YOU up..

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