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September 2, 2012


Oh hey, aren’t you the same guy who complained last week and said you’d never eat here again? Well, welcome back.

Maybe you’ll think twice next time about making a fool of yourself.

A little advice; don’t make a big scene about how lousy the service or the food was if you’re going to be returning to that restaurant. Use your brain.

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  1. javaj240 permalink

    OMG. I hear ya. Had an idiot a couple of weeks ago do this. When he realized he was in my section again he mumbled something, got up, and requested a different server. Whatever. Do people think we don’t speak to each other in the kitchen?

    Of course I was willing to wait on him again. His problem wasn’t with me, it was with the food (mainly because of the way he ordered it), so he needed to move from my section because he was embarrassed by his behavior on his previous visit. Whatever.

    • Ahahaha!! Thats great. I love how awkward they must’ve felt. I’ve had that happen to me before too. Some guy told me to go “F” myself in front of the whole restaurant. I got everyones attention and said “Everybody, I’d like to apologize for this man right here”. Everybody started clapping and the man had just sat down to eat. That was one of my funnest moments.

      • javaj240 permalink

        People really are idiots.

  2. Haha I used to work in food service – these stories are classic! My personal fave (from my own experience) was the lady who came into our cheapo Chinese restaurant dressed head to toe in leaopard print (including one of those little Russian furry hats – I kind you not).

    Anyway, she was rude and demanding the whole night. When it came to dessert I explained that her deep fried banana fritter would come with a side of whipped cream. When she replied (in a high-pitched, strung-out voice) “Is the cream *fresh*?!” I literally had to walk away to avoid laughing in her face.

    Yes lady, I’ve taken 20 minutes out of my hectic schedule of answering the phones, running deliveries, preparing food, then dishing it out to you and your ilk to hand-whip a dollop of cream for your $3.50 banana fritter…

    If you don’t laugh you’ll cry. Chin up Ross!

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