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Touching Comments

September 1, 2012


  1. Omg, if people don’t like your blog, they should leave! Just keep doing what you do. This is your place to vent and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not forcing anyone to read this.

  2. Good Stuff !

  3. Keep up the great writing, Ross! My very first job was in fast food before I went on to waiting tables, so I can tell people emphatically that working fast food is nowhere close to being a server. What you write here, I dare say goes throu the minds of the majority, if not all, severs’ minds, at least at some point. Restaurant work can make even the best people cuss – I’ve seen it! I love your blog. Don’t change a thing!

    • Thank you. This stuff is really what does go through a servers mind. Im glad people get to see that I’m not the only one who feels like this. Im really glad you like it. 🙂

  4. Keep the writing going – if people don’t like what you’re writing, then they can look elsewhere! Yours is a cracking blog with a wry look at life from inside the customer service industry (let alone the restaurant one!). Nice work, fella! 😀

  5. Lord have mercy! I’m laughing. I enjoy your blog and I don’t have to agree with everything you say. Please keep writing what you think. Hey, the crazies come out sometimes.

  6. In some places it’s not usual to tip. I’m from New Zealand and it’s not expected that we tip, it’s actually quite uncommon. Maybe some of the people who don’t tip you are simply from different places, or don’t know how much is usually expected in a tip?

  7. I think they should try waiting tables. They’ve obviously never busted their ass waiting hand & foot on people only to receive a measly 10 percent. It can make even the most optimistic person bitter.

  8. javaj240 permalink

    His/her writing skills are atrocious, which led me to believe that he/she was about 12 years old. Regardless of claiming to work in the fast food industry, I would bet that this person gets his/her pocket money from Mommy in the form of an allowance.

    This person’s sensitivity to cursing will, no doubt, keep them out of the full-service restaurant industry, which is a shame because this is exactly the type of person who should be forced to walk in your shoes (or mine) for just one shift.

    I LOVE your blog, you know that! Love it! Keepon kvetching!

  9. I find myself on the customer side of the equation and I enjoy Restaurant Bastards. My approach is simple. Get good service, give a good tip. Get dire service, you’re on your own. I am happy to defend my actions face to face with anybody. I can not abide people who want to give out and complain behind a mask of anonymity. If you got a complaint, be big enough to vent it openly. Be that in the restaurant or here on the blog.

  10. This “much younger” person needs to be taking notes, not taking offense. Rule #1 of dining out, if you can’t afford the tip, you can’t afford to be there. Tipping is not an optional expense.

  11. Why does someone with such complaints about your Blog remain Anonymous? Maybe he is the Blog police. Tipping is normal, Anonymous is not.

  12. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Ross, well said,…I’ve been an avid follower of yours and although I feel your seriousiness is more satirical I also take your thoughts very seriously. I find it quite admirable that you have a blog to poke fun at a certain few, awaken those who need awakening while recouping your mental varnishes so that you don’t age an bitter old repressed Man. The reader/commenter above is clearly too young or lacks depth to understand the free speech concept and that your free will to state opinions and facts that are of direct relation from your own personal experiences are justified. Just the other day I came across one of your readers who seemed to want to debate my opinion and although I found no just cause to his deliberation to my comment, I just laughed it off while adding my 2 cents as well. The person above clearly doesn’t understand you and that he/she has nothing better to do than “police” ( loved that ) and troll for bloggers that are found offensive. I tell ya, coming from one your female readers, I wish we can all just grow a pair. How’s that for offensive and sexist? Well fuck it right? Now am I an uneducated, self rightous, mean and insensitve person too? LOL. Or have I made a point here? Clearly this person is truly misunderstanding the underlining meaning of your experiences and words. Im calling those people surface seekers. BTW-how does anyone know when another Blogger doesn’t actually read a post and just presses the like button? I’m sorry you care so much reader but instead of focusing on those people whose “likes” seem ingenuine, focus on those that actual engage your posts. Or perhaps be happy that you are getting any attention at all! Clearly that’s exactly what this reader needs! Right Ross?

    • Wow. Im speechless. I love it!! And yes, I am here to awaken those who need awakening. I saw the tiff that you and Martin were having in the comments section. It would seem that he has had the good fortune of serving completely different customers in his restaurants than I and every other server have ever had. I am very lucky to have somebody like you following my blog. I look forward to your comments :0)

      • Jeni Johnson permalink

        Keep them coming ROSS!

  13. eatwilmington permalink

    Ain’t blogging great? ha. Carry on, man.

  14. Hi Ross
    That “customer” thing… perhaps you need a break… take a fresh bagette with some lovely camembert, a good wine and a loose woman and relax…
    That’s joie de vivre…

    • I do need a break. A fresh bagette, some wine, and a loose woman. . . . . how could it get any better?!
      Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  15. Lol what a dick, respects you have the right to blog what you want and still bitches,can’t click the back button? No one forced the prick to read your shit that’s his problem. A part time job is one thing but doing it for a living is another he has no idea and can shut his pork sucker. Ahh jeezus I can’t stand those people. I love how you handled him tho, much love. ❤

  16. WTF? Why come to a blog and whine that it’s rude and has naughty words – especially since, as you said, bastards is freaking in the name of the blog! You have every right to complain and vent. I do the same on my blog (they would really freak because I’m reviewing an awful book series which means bad words are quite necessary). I mean, seriously.

    I feel for waiters. I would never be able to do that kind of job. I’m clumsy, and I have trouble remembering – especially when nervous, and who can help that when someone is barking orders at you? The only time a server upsets me is if they are really mean or rude for no reason, and that has only happened a couple of times. Otherwise, forgetting something, taking a while to get your food, etc – that is not just being mean to someone. Look outside yourself and realize others are out there. Maybe the cook was slow for some reason. Maybe he had a lot of orders. Etc. Ugh.

    I work in a public service position (library assistant) and I know how rude people can get even there, and that job isn’t nearly as high pressure as what you do. I like the way you respond to those annoying people. I’ll have to check back here more often.

    • Thank you I hope you do! I’ll look forward to reading yours as well.

      • I can’t believe the hate mail they send you. They’re just confirming everything you say about them! I like how you post it for all to see and respond. Serves them right. I’m actually surprised I haven’t gotten flack from E.L. James fans – I guess I’m not popular enough.

  17. Haha I loved reading this one…don’t stop.

  18. catstache permalink

    I think that out of the hundreds of people that you have probably served overtime a blogs worth of stories about bad experiences is not excessive. I don’t get the feeling that you go around hating everyone in your restaurant and complain about them. It seems like you talk from experience about the repeat offenders that almost any one with a sense of humour who has worked in almost any type of customer service (or even someone who dines out a lot and sees these idiots in their prime) can relate to. You’re a great writer and if someone doesn’t get this it’s as easy as opening a new tab and googling Kittens, Puppies and Daily Affirmations.

    Sorry for the influx of comments btw. I’m in school now (in a desperate attempt to escape retail) and it takes me awhile to catch up XD

    • Hahaha! Thanks! Please feel free to escape to here and put your 2 cents in, anytime. I really appreciate it 🙂

  19. Vent away Ross… Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying!

  20. I like your writing style !

  21. Your blog makes me so happy and I haven’t been in the industry in over a year, but it all still resonates.

    Fast food = paycheck… paycheck that didn’t matter if you smiled at the person, shit on their shoe, or licked their face, day in and day out at the end of two weeks there is an unchanging paycheck. (Well maybe not if one shits in someone’s shoe).

    Serving = hell, not fun hell, just hell… people suck. People honestly suck and it seems to me that child is going to learn that soon enough. Apparently trying to change your mind that the people that threw up in a cloth napkin and hid it under the table for you to pick up and spill all over, or the ones that grab ass on every female waitress, or the ones that literally say “You can get this SHIT out of here” or the ones that talk to you slower when you inform them a dish is no longer on the menu as if acting like you’re stupid is going to help, or the ones that order (incorrectly) for the entire table and blame you when shit comes out wrong, or the ones with mad restrictive (by choice) diets that get pissed off when you bring out their fish with what looks like butter but is actually oil then begin to scream and cry about your incompetency, makes you “a wall.” Someone needs to take the rose colored glasses off.

    I once had a customer (not even my table) call me over disgusted that she had stepped in gum in the parking lot, the gum was all over her cloth foot brace. She took it off and demanded that I scrape it clean and wash it; after all it was in our parking lot. I looked to her husband horrified, not only would I be touching a sweaty gross foot brace but pulling off some unknown person’s gum. “LET’S GO!” She yelled (like we were going somewhere together), so I went to the back and did as she asked, pissed as shit and ready to dunk it in fish guts, even my boss was like “Who the fuck is this woman?” Having read the posts anonymous has written I can see now that I was just over reacting, thinking horrible things of the hobbit woman that could have just gone out and bought a new brace, or washed it when she got home. Thanks for showing me the light (there are shitty customers and I am assuming that person is one of them).

    As for tipping, one who has never worked in the industry doesn’t understand that tips keep your servers there, no tips = no pay = servers working for FREE = no servers… want to get what you want when you want it, and not have to settle for a ball of grease (aka fast food)? Anonymous, do you want to go out on a romantic date, or judging by the way you wrote your letter go out with your parents to a nice restaurant where people bring you this and that at your beak and call? It’s not free sweetheart. I think the major problem (other than Oprah’s no tip nonsense a few years ago) is that server implies servant… it’s an antiquated idea, with stigmas and prejudice no matter the color of one’s skin.

    It’s a thankless job, with (mostly) hard working people, it should be fun but it isn’t and you having a place to let out all the shittastic moments is important. Plus it’s funny as hell, eff anonymous (if I thought he or she (I assume she) were older than 18 I might say fuck). You just keep doing you, and post up anything else she (he) says, it adds to the hilarity of your posts.

  22. Wow, Wow, and Wow. So funny. I really appreciate the support and all of your insight. Its so true what you wrote about Fast food=Paycheck, Server= Smile. I never really looked at it like that. I cant believe you actually scraped the gum off of that lady’s foot brace. I wouldve had to draw the line well before that!! Haha.

  23. Hahaha be nice to poor people. There is a certain etiquette expected when you dine out. Servers & bartenders make their money on tips. If you can’t follow that etiquette, don’t dine out. The only problem I could see is if you’re using the names and photos of real customers b/c that’s a legal issue. If you want to make fun of customers, that’s your right. You’re not hiding and writing about your experiences anonymously…you’re taking responsibility. Some diners need to be reminded of their manners. And if you’re recklessly judging and writing about your diners, I’m sure you’re aware that you can lose customers. Many of my friends are bartenders and servers, and they don’t have the time to judge customers “every second” they’re there. You usually only remember the really bad ones or the really good ones. There are good customers and bad customers. There are good servers and bad servers.

  24. Well said. Thank you 🙂

  25. There used to be a website called Bitter Waitress. I haven’t looked at it for a while, but if it’s still in business you should check it out. It’s funny, mean, and sometimes sad.

  26. I know that you liked my post and followed my blog without reading it, as was the case with the annoying Anon, because (at the moment) it is University related and not exactly fun reading.
    But what’s so wrong with that anyway? It’s the internet. You’re putting yourself out there, that is the WHOLE POINT.
    If you hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t have found your blog. And (speaking as an ex-waitress) I would’ve been missing out on some laughs.
    Keep it up!

  27. I LOVE YOUR BLOG =) keep it up

  28. Abrielle Valencia permalink

    Wow —- > the anonymous commments. Some people have too much time on thier hands. Keep blogging. After all, it is YOUR blog. 😉

  29. I read your site and am reminded why i shouldn’t work customer service… Props on the blog.

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