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I Can’t Eat Because My Arms Are Too Tired

August 31, 2012

Oh no, you don’t have to move your arms so I can place you’re food on the table. I’ll just use my foot to make space while you just keep staring at me like a Jackass.

Unless you like eating with a plate of food resting on top of your arms, I suggest you move them when I come to the table with food in my hands.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. Your blog makes me feel good! I work in a customer-facing role too, and some days I wonder how I haven’t turned into an axe murderer yet. Glad to know I am not alone! 🙂

  2. javaj240 permalink

    I run food on the weekends. If they refuse to move so that I can put their food down, I just hand it to them and say, in my nicest possible voice, “Here you go. Use two hands, please. It’s hot and heavy!” They usually “get” it then, LOL.

  3. People are asses. I was delivering coffee to a table one night and this woman had her baby on the table. You know, because a restaurant at 9pm is an appropriate place for a baby. Anyways, I said “Excuse me” several times to let her know I was putting her coffee on the table. She just kept ignoring me. I put it near the center of the table, but still within her arms length. I got half way around the table and didn’t the baby grab the cup & spill the coffee
    on her. The lady started screaming hysterically. If she gave a crap about her kid she would have her home in bed, not using her as an accessory at her snobby ass dinner. Stupid douche!

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