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Here’s A 20% TIP On Half Of The Bill

August 30, 2012

You tell me you’d like to pay cash and put the rest on the card. Then you proceed to tip only on the amount of thats been charged to your card and not the entire bill. It’s a good thing you’re saving that little bit of that extra money because you’re going to need it to replace your slashed tires.

This is just another reason why I’m writing this blog.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. If you’re going to slash tires…
    Slash only one.
    If you slash all, their insurance will pay for them.

  2. I was a professional server for 38 years–very seldom averaged less than 18% tips on my gross sales–yes I had some cheap S. O. B.s but they were very few and I knew in most cases to turn them over to others servers who would get tipped more so the customer would show me! LOL

  3. javaj240 permalink

    I hate when people do that. I want to tell them we are not a gas station. There is no discount for paying cash. Losers!

    My favorite is the coupon people who NEVER tip on the amount prior to the application of the coupon. I have to tip out on the gross amount of the check, though.

    • But then the next one will be a waiter (Me?) who will tip 30-50% on the gross amount–and, sorry, don’t say coupon people never do because most do–in many restaurants today they will have on the receipt what they should tip, especially in chain restaurants–if your rtestaurant doesn’t it is time to talk to the owner and/or manager

  4. javaj240 permalink

    My tips even out at the end of the week. If they didn’t I wouldn’t still be doing this job after 30+ years.

    Coupon people almost never tip on the amount before the coupon, no matter what the fine print on the coupon says, no matter what my managers/ owners/ holding company suggests. This has gotten worse instead of better, as has the tipping on the portion of the check that is being charged, as if the cash portion just magically disappeared.

    That has been my experience. I’m happy for you that it’s not yours. You’re one lucky server. You may want to consider playing the lottery.

    • I have been playing LOtto for 26 years–same numbers–haven’t even gotten 3 numbers!! Guess I’m not that lucky!!!

    • Mishka permalink

      @javaj240 I agree, ppl that come in with coupons are AMETAURS. Even if there’s a 18% gratuity included, they don’t tip the extra 2%.. that shit adds up for every tbl!

      • I was a server for 38 years–I am 76–the ONLY way I can afford to eat out is with groupons– don’t stereotype people because that is how you wind up getting lousy tips–IF I see my server giving face or attitude when I hand him the coupon I will tip him only 20% on original bill where normally I would tip 20% PLUS 1/2 of what I saved with coupon which could come to a 30-40% tip–I treated everyone of my customers from ‘earlybirds’ to lawyers as if they were the best tipper in the house and I made great tips–yes some were lousy no matter what I did but at the end of the night I was making 20% of all my sales which most servers don’t make and my station was filled with call parties most of the night.
        With your attitude, language and misspelling I can understand your NOT getting that extra 2% and that you are lucky the 18% is included which by the way they DON’T have to pay.

  5. Cheapskates! 🙂

  6. Jeni Johnson permalink

    That’s has got to feel awful. If I were gutsy I’d say I’m sorry but did I do something wrong deserve such a low tip or did you not know there’s not a tipping discount when paying by charge&cash or when using a coupon. You dumb nuts! ( customer ) My guy was a server at Outback for a time before he joined the military and he said Military people were the worst tippers especially In groups splitting the bills. He’s learned his lesson.

    • EVERYBODY is the worst tipper—-old people, early birds, Black people, lesbians, Latins, lawyers, doctors, doctors smoking pipes, kids, women, single people, Europeans and on and on and on. LOL

      • Jeni Johnson permalink

        Agreed. In no way was I meant to come across as steriotypical . By Shaun’s own account, he was able to conclude that Military Men were by far the worst tippers he had encountered whi,ehe was awaiter. Now as a military member himself that statement no longer applies.

      • I wasn’t picking on you–it is a given that certain groups are bad tippers and others are good ones–the latter? Businessmen on a trip, Gay men, servers (but NOT restaurant owners) etc., it was a ‘game’ we use to play–actually the worst tippers who HAVE to tell a server that tgey worked in the restaurant business or “I use to own a restaurant” !!!

      • Jeni Johnson permalink

        On the contrary. I was merely concluding that it’s fair to make judgements based on individual experiences. Sort of a personal statistical statement passed on to me, who has no experience in food service. 🙂 Are you struggling with my opinion? It seems so, Sir.

      • WOW! Sir?!?!?!?! I better stop leaving comments!! LOL

  7. Greg permalink

    How about when you have a large party and you drop off the check and you see them trying to figure out how much each of them owes. You ask to seperate it in order to make it easier for them and they say no we can do it. They figure it out and each pays their due amount plus a small tip. Thanks for not including the tax in what you owe now that tip that you thought you left me just paid for the taxes. Next time just let me seperate the checks for you.

    • I would tell them you each owe $00.00 including tax which is — and tip — and dividing the check evenly–only twice did they party not go along with it so I figured I would be lucky if I made between 8-10%–now I don’t know a restaurant that doesn’t add a 18% tip to parties of 8 or more (some 6)

  8. What about those people who leave phony dollar bills that are actually bible pamphlets? [Link] They are ultimate douchebags.
    I try to leave my tip in cash even when I pay by credit card. I have heard it costs the waiters less in taxes or something.

    • Yes!! Theres going to be a blog on leaving religious tips. Those are the worse.

      • I have a worse one than that–when I was working at the World’s Fair in NYC in the 60s I waited on President and Mrs. Eisenhower–my tip was a card saying “Thank you for serving us” signed with their name but not an original signature!!!!
        Someday I’ll have to tell you about Milton Berle (if you know who he is! LOL) would demand I wait on him and then stiff me every time—guess he felt he ‘entertained’ me—then the next day he wife would come in, give me a tip and say, “Don’t tell Milton.”
        I’ve dealt with a lot of celebrities like Diahann Carroll, Paul Newman. Joanne Woodward, Queen Latifah, etc.,–surprise, surprise they are just like other human beings w2hen it comes to tipping! LOL

    • Yes, a server is suppose to declare 15% of his tips but most times they will make more.
      By the way I know servers like getting money every day and while most pay bills, etc., some spend the extra on partying–as an OLD waiter I strongly suggest that servers declare 20%–it will affect your social securty payouts when you grow old–and, yes, there will be some form of SS!

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