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Im Full And I Didn’t Really Like This

August 19, 2012


You didn’t like the way your food tasted? Well I’m sure glad you managed to scarf down three quarters of it before telling me.

Half of your food was eaten before you complained. Are you serious? Chances are you’ll order the same exact thing to replace it, and then tell me that you liked that one much more even though it was made exactly the same way as the previous plate. Go ahead and ask me for a “Doggy Bag” to take the rest home. I hate you.

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  1. javaj240 permalink

    So true. So true. And yet, what can you do? LOL!

  2. Oh dear. Got a lot of that in my days as a server. In fact, I still get it. From my bloody-minded five-year-old!

  3. Awesome blog,,,I look forward to reading more of your super funny posts

  4. shove the rest of the food to the face

  5. javaj240 permalink

    When someone returns their food I take it into the kitchen and throw it away, It’s getting comped anyway and NO WAY am I going to let some scammer take so much as a breadcrumb home with them. But, then, I’m kind of a bitch about people who waste my time and sap my happiness 🙂

  6. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Haha it’s like they expect you to walk back into the kitchen and show the Chef how to do his job, huh? Whenever I order something that I don’t like, I never let the waiter know! I mean everyone has different tastes buds. I may not have enjoyed the dish but the person behind could of loved it! To each thier own. But seriously bad mouthing the cooks to any one working at the restaurant is terrible! Right?

    • So great to hear you say that. When people ask me if something is good, all I can say is “I like it”. Because youre absolutely right about everyone having different taste buds.

  7. Really Ross! I so like you!

  8. Margy Rydzynski permalink

    Yow! Makes me glad I’m not in the restaurant serving business.

  9. Ain’t that the worst. Thanks for speaking up for us!

  10. When I worked at Baskin Robbins, customers would refuse to use the taster spoons and then would buy ice cream and say their kids didn’t like it. That’s why we have taster spoons! So your kid can try it before committing to a $4 ice cream! I had one whipped man buy three ice creams (each time refusing to let his kid try it first) before his kid finally agreed to eat one. I even had a parent ask me, after his kid had eaten some of it, if I could “put it back” and switch it for another flavor for free. Really? I almost died when they asked me that… seriously? People are so ridiculous. And in restaurants… you’re an adult! Let your pallet mature with new flavors and only send something back if it’s burned, ice-cold, or a different item than what you ordered. smh

  11. Greg permalink

    I love when they complain about the mostly eaten food being bad and then ask what we are going to do with it. I tell them I am going to throw it away and they ask if I could wrap it up for them instead of throwing it away. If you don’t like it then why do you want to take it home? Sure I will wrap it up and I will charge you for it also. And don’t try the hair in my food trick, I know that one also.

  12. When I don’t like something, I shove it in my lil’ sister’s plate…
    She likes food. Alot. She’s happy, I’m happy, and the waiter is happy :mrgreen:

  13. Abrielle Valencia permalink

    Loved this! Hahaha!! This is so true.

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