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Let Me Reward You For Complaining

August 12, 2012

You think you should get a free dessert because we “Forced” you to wait to be seated for an hour on a Saturday night without any reservations?

This is one of my favorites. You expect to be compensated some sort of an appetizer or dessert because you had to wait a long time. You can either choose to wait, or choose to leave. Hopefully it’s the latter part of the two.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. Then you come to their table to offer water and the scream “We’re NOT ready yet!”

    • mcowser permalink

      Yeah, well, you waited for an hour with about 50 menus within a few steps from you and about 20 servers walking around with them in their hands, but I understand. You think by telling me you’re not ready it will punish the restaurant for making you wait on a Saturday night. When you leave me a shitty tip, I will just blame it on the restaurant too. They will probably pay my bills.

  2. Me: Can I start you off with some water?
    Him: No, I want a Kettle One on the rocks!
    Me: Okay 3 waters and Kettle One.
    Him: And a water for me too!

  3. javaj240 permalink

    Or the could, I don’t know, choose, to pick up a phone ( probably the one already attached to their ear, and CALL for a reservation. Idiots.

    • A phone is too much of a hassle for some people so they’d much rather wait for an hour at the restaurant. Haha.

  4. Even your tags are entertaining. Thx for the laugh.

  5. My blog was going to waiter frustration-centric but it ended up becoming something else. However if you want to see my big rant look at…

  6. Augie Bendtsen permalink

    Waiter: can I start you off with something to drink?
    Guest: no I will just have water.

    What are you gonna do with that water?!?!

  7. In Manhattan, you’ll wait, and you’ll be grateful if you’re allowed to wait at the bar and not outside where it’s 25 degrees. Say what you want about rudeness, New Yorkers know to shut up and wait!

    • Mishka permalink

      If only everyone were like New Yorkers.. and ppl from So Cal.. and North Cal.. and Chicagoians… and shit, any major city where ppl know how to dine!

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