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Touching Comments

August 9, 2012

Since I’ve started this blog, I have received some fantastic comments under my about section. I would like to share some of them from time to time with you.

  1. standing ovations for this one… geeze! guess someone thinks the terms ‘service’ and ‘slavery’ are related… i hope someone will explain the difference to that wonderful individual one day, although i doubt mr. thornton will be able to understand.
    please make sure you wash their feet and bathe them as well next time they enter your restaurant – seems it’s what they expect. (and yes, that sentence… dripping with sarcasm.)
    some people just make me want to shake my head…
    thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. “You are probably a teacher who works on the weekends for extra money or something lame like that” lol. I’m a teacher. Apparently I shouldn’t have a 2nd job during the summer or on weekends during the school year. I never realized trying to earn some additional income was a bad thing. Also, I have a feeling this person is not educated enough to figure out 5% in nickels.

  3. Wow, this is sad. Imagine living your life as angry as that person. Now that is LAME.

  4. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Hahaha too bad that guy doesn’t have a sense of humor. Was he defensive much? Yeah! Only because he is queninsentially the aphitomy of all your rants and a complete a&@.

  5. Cyn Younker permalink

    I would greatly enjoy a “comments section” about the ones you receive – I don’t understand why some people just can’t find the humour in things. I agree 100% with this blog and I’ve never worked in the food industry – some people are just too demanding these days.

  6. Classic and in true Billy Bob Thorton style. Maybe he should spend more time away. Away from society as this sucker is gonna blow.

  7. minnesotatransplant permalink

    Ouch. What a dumb as* motherfu**er.

  8. javaj240 permalink

    I read this the first time and thought it was a lame attempt at humor. Or the real Billy Bob Thornton.

  9. I think he got confused. Ya confused. He visited the wrong blog or something. He belongs on the “I hate my life and am rude and depressed” section of the blog world. Sheesh. Glad you don’t let em get to you 🙂 SENSE OF HUMOR PEOPLE. HUMOR.

  10. Hopefully he will be reincarnated as a pizza delivery person 🙂

  11. When I read this, I imagined THE Billy Bob Thornton’s voice. It made me laugh.

  12. Get out the visine this guy needs to feel our pain for an entire night riding the porcelain bus.

  13. pamasaurus permalink

    ….and I’m sure that person has never complained about his/her job.

  14. interesting remarks this guy, not sure how to look at it, this type of attitude is something I am not familiar with, as none of the people over the years I have dealt with, friends etc ever had that attitude. weird. he does seem to be a bit over the top, maybe he doesn’t work, doesn’t know what it is like to deal with customers all day, what it is like being on your feet all day and how exhausting all of this is and sometimes how low the pay can be for such a physically/mentally demanding job.

  15. The age of entitlement has officially been documented as having arrived. I think that the person who left the reply is the kind that leaves dirty towels on the floor of the bathroom in hotels, among other things. What ever happened to respecting other people? Kindness is king! Keep up the good rant – eventually some of these arrogant people “who must be obeyed” will get the hint and go away……

  16. angryricky permalink

    Ummmmm….. I was a teacher with two side jobs in retail for a while. The only thing lame about it is that I went to college for six years to get two degrees that wouldn’t lead to a job that would feed a wife and two children. Time to leave the country and find some place that does value education.

    You imply pretty strongly that you don’t actually say these things to the customers themselves, so what’s the problem? I can bitch about my students and still be a good teacher.

  17. Yes, teaching future generations is extremely ‘lame’ and unworthy of Mr. Thorton’s respect. The same Mr. Thorton that will be at said future generation’s mercy to oh, I don’t know…hold steady jobs probably earned by their degrees, to pay into social security taxes and take care of Mr. Thorton’s skinny butt in old age. That is of course dependent on if the social security model holds or folds, but that’s a different topic altogether and I digress.

  18. WOW! Acadamey award for rudeness.

  19. I think this guy wouldn’t recognize his entrée without a little spittle in it.

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