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Have A Calculator?

August 6, 2012

You’re in a rush to get back to work, and now you need 9 separate checks.  I’ll be right back in 20 minutes.

Separate checks take longer to complete than just one check. What happened to your knowledge of adding and subtracting?

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  1. missgrill permalink

    but then such a tip risk. theres always some jerk doesn’t add enough because they decide it’s too big of a tip…

    • javaj240 permalink

      I have an idea. Try this thenext time you dine out in a group:

      Have the person at the table who has a calculator on their phone (probably EVERYONE) AND knows how to calculate 20 percent and then divide by the number of people in the party handle this mundane task. It’s not something you would need to get Stephen Hawking on the horn to accomplish.

      Let me know how it goes.

    • Mishka permalink

      and even if some ppl put in “cash and the rest on the card,” they only tip on what was charged on the card,, =| there goes your tip…

  2. javaj240 permalink

    I had a table of 20 do it the other day. And they decided to tell me when I presented the check. But even when they tell you before, they fail to understand that processing that many forms of payment may take a few minutes…. And it’s lunchtime… And who has time for this shit? I swear people doth is crap so that they will have something to be dissatisfied about.

  3. I love your posts!! I was a waitress for a long time. I remember all of this too well! 🙂

  4. Jeni Johnson permalink

    It’s like haven’t you heard of an ATM? I hate going out with a group, I make sure we all have CASH!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m so grateful for the chuckles you give me.

  6. can you do a mini check for the dog, too?

  7. I’m having terrifying flashbacks of the military people showing up for a going away lunch or some crap and needing 30 separate checks, thank God for automatic gratuity, although it barely made it worth all of the water with extra lemon.

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