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I Ordered First!!

August 4, 2012

You’re displeased because the table next to you has received their food before you even though you ordered first. Could it be A) You ordered a steak well done and they did not? Or, B) They didn’t special order their food so the cooks wouldn’t have to go out of their way to please them the way you did? Or, C) I haven’t even given your order to the cooks yet, and I’m making side bets with the other servers to see how long it’ll be before you complain. I only do this in hopes of making more than the 10% tip you left me last week.

The answer is D) All of the above

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  1. why am I here in a handbasket? permalink

    goddamit, I do this.

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel permalink

    definitely passing this one on to my daughter and the other servers at mcglinns.

  3. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Geez it’s too bad people, just aren’t enjoying the company they keep rather than scoping and stalking the other people around them. Especially the ones who don’t talk and listen into others conversations. Stay in the moment people and then you won’t notice others getting theirs 1st. Maybe they deserve it more than you do. DUH!

  4. javaj240 permalink

    Ok. I admit it. If you annoy me I sometimes hold your order back, which is counterproductive I guess because, really, I should be trying to shove you out the door faster but, sometimes it’s worth it just to witness your discomfort. Another lesson in ” why not to piss off your server.” LOL.

  5. workhardplayhard1 permalink

    you are one who really loves your food haha 🙂 love the blog

  6. mcowser permalink

    Damn, that is an awesome idea. I could probably get the whole staff in on that.

  7. Ha! I used to hold orders back when they were being gigantic assholes. Reading that you do it too makes me feel less evil 😉

  8. At least they didn’t ask you to take a picture of them with their food.

  9. j7emeychewene1979 permalink

    Reblogged this on Shaquana Wilburn Page.

  10. Mishka permalink

    To diners that order a filet mingnon to a temp med+ and refuse the addvice to butterfly for speed of service and a not dried out piece of meat, and then complain.. you’re dumb..

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