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Enjoy The Left Overs

July 29, 2012

You stake your claim by sitting down at a table that still has dirty dishes on it from the previous “guests” who just ate there. Instead of rushing over to the table to clean it, I wait 10 minutes and then I wait 10 minutes more.

Are you really so desperate for the table that you can’t wait to be seated, let alone sit at a dirty table? I actually love it when this happens, because after you watch me clean it up, I tell you that the table has been reserved for someone else.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. People actually do that?! Well, go you. 😉

    • Unfortunately, this happens all too often. The look of pride on their faces is the worst part. Theyre so proud that they were able to grab that table before anyone else. This is when I get the pleasure of telling them that they cant sit there.

      • Haha. As annoying as people are, you gotta admit there are certain things you enjoy…like telling them off. 😉

      • Yes. The best part is telling them off without them knowing that thats what Im doing :0)

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel permalink

    These posts will make restaurant dining even more interesting as I look for all the patrons you write about.

    • Excellent! You will definately be able to point out the complainers pretty fast. It sounds bad, but after a while you can pretty much profile what kind of customer a person is gonna be.

  3. so much for dining ignorance 😀 lol

  4. once upon a time i worked as a hostess… i loved when this happened. It was like watching someone you dislike slipping on a banana peel and falling head first into a trash can

  5. HAHA great story! I love that some people think signs are there as an optional read lol

  6. I’ve worked as a hostess and I can vouch for this one! This is so annoying. I was working that job while I was pregnant with my son and some uppity bitch wanted me to bus a table at 7 months pregnant because she wanted it right now. I told her I wasn’t allowed to use a bus tub (which, really, at 7 months pregnant I wasn’t) and walked off and left her there for the server to deal with,

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