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Very Original

July 27, 2012

I’m sorry that your very original idea to have a romantic dinner on Valentines Day at a restaurant was squashed by 600 other people that had the very same original idea.

News Flash! This just in: Everybody and their mom will be eating out on Valentines Day!! I understand that it’s so romantic to see your sweetheart with rib sauce on her face and onions in her breath, but be prepared to wait, even if you do have reservations.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. My girlfriend’s Bday and our anniversary is 14.02…we eat at home…

  2. I honestly cannot imagine anything more distasteful than hanging out in a restaurant, no matter how fantastic it is, on any of the socially constructed “better go out somewhere” days; public holidays, mother’s/father’s day, valentines day – pick yer poison. It’s my idea of introvert hell.

  3. Greg permalink

    Guest-I have a reservation at 3.Hostess- it will be about 45min-1hr. Guest- but I have a reservation. Hostess- Yes sir I know. So do the 200 people you had to push through to get to the hostess stand. Salt Rock Grill. Need I saw more?

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