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Cry Me A River

July 26, 2012

Oh hey, aren’t you the same guy who complained last week and said you’d never eat here again? Well, welcome back.

Maybe you’ll think twice next time about making a fool of yourself.

A little advice; don’t make a big scene about how lousy the service or the food was if you’re going to be returning to that restaurant. Use your brain.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. Loved the flow chart! I read a few of your posts and you have just about the worse luck with customers! It’s scary to think that there are actually so many obnoxious people these days, you deserve a medal – and a better job!

  2. grapesgripesandgratitude permalink

    Cracking up! And I’m SO stealing this pic. Love.

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel permalink

    I think you should compile these posts into a book.

  4. But what if I just like to whine? 😉

  5. I will never forget the time when I had this big party of 10, they were my only table! 30 minutes into it, after they had started on their food and I did the two minute two bite check, they started complaining that my service sucked! They were my only table and I was checking on them every 3 minutes!! Anyway, turns out one of the couples from the table left early saying they were embarrassed because the other people always try to complain to get a discount…..can you believe the nerve????

  6. HAha… seriously, sometimes people just need to realize things are out of their control and deal with what ever happens. I am AMAZINGLY picky when ordering, but even I have to just shut-up and not complain once the food is served.

    Great post!

  7. petit4chocolatier permalink

    Love the workable flow sheet! I may borrow it. Thank you for the laugh!

  8. Suneeta permalink

    Love your flow diagram!! 🙂 cheers

  9. every person should paste that to their ceiling.

  10. minnesotatransplant permalink

    Your blog scares me (a little), but it’s oddly compelling. Would love your thoughts on this post (snarky or not). …

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