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No Exceptions

July 25, 2012

Crappy Customer # 1: I’d like to order the ribeye steak, medium rare.

Really Crappy Customer # 2: I’ll have the same exact thing except make mine a filet, cooked well done, without the green beans, sub mashed potatoes instead, with a side of Béarnaise sauce.

Server: You have 10 seconds to leave.

This is something that ALWAYS happens. Don’t waste my time telling me that you’re going to have the “The same exact thing” when it’s nothing even close to it.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. Aren’t people lovely…

  2. grapesgripesandgratitude permalink

    Love these.

  3. I’m recommending this blog to all the great servers at McGlinns in Wenatchee. They’ll love it!

  4. slothbag permalink

    man, you are really becoming popular with these things.

  5. You do make me laugh!

  6. Somehow I imagine the server saying his line while pointing a .357 magnum!

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