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Hiding In Plain Sight

July 22, 2012

Customer: How big is your 16” pizza?

Server: How small is your brain?

I wish dumb people would stop having kids.

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  1. oh god, this is so freakin’ funny… 😀

  2. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Hahahahah! Yes idiots, or at least ask how many slices are in a 16″. Let us know if anyone’s ever asked if it could be cut in squares or shaped into hearts……

    • Fortunately that hasnt ever happened to me. I’m certain its happened to a bunch of other people, because everybody knows that pizza tastes better when its been cut into hearts or squares.

  3. Uh, 15 inches? 🙂

  4. Totally agree. I hear shit like this all the time at the farmers markets.

  5. huntfortheverybest permalink


  6. Love your blog! Too F’n funny, I get to deal with the same sort of Humps on a daily basis as well…ya really can’t make this sh*t up, eh?

    • Hey thanks!! Im glad you can identify with me. Yeah, cant make up any of this. Unfortunately this always happens!

  7. tenshinoshin permalink

    That’s happened to me a lot. Of course, what’s actually going on is the customer is failing to articulate “how many slices is it?” And then, because this is how the restaurant I worked at functioned, I’d tell them six and they’d get *real* confused.

    • Hahahaha. Thats funny. I would love to see the steam come out of their ears as they tried to figure that one out!

  8. “Do you want that in 16 pieces?”
    “No, better cut it in 8, I don’t think I can eat 16 pieces.”

  9. Your blog is awesome! I waited tables for several years. I’ve always said that people should be required to wait tables for at least a year so they’ll have a better appreciation for the job and the bullsh*t we have to put up with to make a living.

  10. Greg permalink

    that is as bad as someone asking how the seared tuna is cooked?

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  12. “I wish dumb people would stop having kids.” needs to be on a t-shirt….I’d ware it.

  13. Amanda N permalink

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  14. laurenoliviaandco permalink

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! i laugh out loud every time I read it!

  15. Mwahahahaha! Classic! 🙂

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