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Best View In The House

July 20, 2012

I’m very sorry that you’re upset because we couldn’t get you a window table with a beautiful view of the parking lot at night time.

Just because there’s a window, doesn’t always mean that there’s a view. The food is going to taste just the same in the middle of the restaurant as it does by a window.

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  1. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Then I’d like a lighted candle on my table please…. 🙂 JK.

  2. I would like wipers on the window so I can *see* the parking lot … …

  3. Well said. Keep expressing what many wish they could say.

  4. You are right, the food has to be right and service has to be people friendly- the rest shall always fall in place once we are in our comfort zone.

  5. maybe if those windows opened, it’d make a difference!

  6. Your posts make me laughh so much (y)

  7. 2kdb2 permalink

    usually, window seats are benches, padded, and more comfortable than the chair seats…not to mention those who don’t like elbows bumped by passers by prefer to have one side closed… (I always chose window seats first!)

    • When it comes to seat comfort, I couldnt agree more. I know its tough when a lot of people are in nice booths and then they have the hard chairs and smaller tables located in the middle of the restaurant. Its like a lose-lose situation.

      • 2kdb2 permalink

        so there may be a reason other than “view”, lol!
        Great blog! 🙂

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