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Free Fill

July 18, 2012

What’s that? You’d like a third basket of our complimentary bread so you won’t have to purchase an appetizer? Wow, that’s pretty clever. Now I’ve found a use for the old bread.

Seriously, is this a restaurant or a homeless shelter? I’m not here to serve you for free, so you better order something more than water and a salad.   If you can’t afford to order an actual meal, don’t eat here.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. I hate to use the cliche, “LOL” — but I really am!

  2. Thanks for following! I’ve been in and out of the service industry myself and I have been waiting for a blog like this for a while. I can relate to pretty much every post here.

  3. Yes!! I used to be a waitress at a posh french restaurant and we got this all the time! Especcially from really, really wealthy people who seemed to think they were royalty and you were pondlife. Our rolls were homemade and one particularly awkward woman complained because there was only one choice of roll (white, soft, warm, lovely). She even asked if we had any sliced bread that was wholewheat, because she thought that would go better with her cream of carrot. I felt like saying, “no, we don’t keep loaves of Hovis in the kitchen to hand out to people, because we bake our own, lovely bread. Go get some class!”

  4. There’s one restaurant in my home town where they won’t serve you rolls until you’ve ordered a main dish. Their rolls are so good that people would come in, order a drink (or sometimes just water) and munch on the rolls. Though they are REALLY good and so I confess, I always ask for seconds (which they seem happy to give).

  5. Like the people who go to Mexican restaurants to only order a drink or just “sit” with other people there – but sure, go ahead and keep those free chips and salsa coming! Ridiculous.

    • You know it!! The worse part is that they are a little proud of themselves for “beating the system”. Its always the same people too.

      • Their parents must be so proud. Wait. They probably are — they taught their offspring to ALSO be cheap bastards,

  6. Greg permalink

    Same jackass who will order water with a lot of lemons and sweetner. Ughhhhh!

  7. missgrill permalink

    My favourite is when they ask to have the remaining free bread wrapped up with their leftovers to take home!

  8. slothbag permalink

    I worked in a place that didn’t provide these free goodies. It was truly enjoyable to see people get all flustered that we didn’t offer anything. “Do you guys have any rolls, bread, something?” A woman would say waving her arms frantically. “No, we don’t have rolls here, sorry”. I would just play this little game with them even though I could go in the back find some bread for them, but it was much more enjoyable to see them panic. Hey jerk off, nobody told you to wait until you were having some sort of carb-crash or your blood sugar was so low it was turning you into an a-hole that expects things for free to finally decide to eat. That job made me really hate people.

    • “Im diabetic and I need food now!” . . . . Its a good thing you came to a sit down restaurant you moron, where you have to order food, and wait for it to be prepared. Go ahead and pass out and your food will be ready for you when you come to.

  9. huntfortheverybest permalink

    this is funny…i usually don’t like to eat the bread because i’m afraid it’s old or it’s been passed around…

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