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Shhhh!! Im Trying To Eat!!

July 17, 2012

It’s too noisy in our public restaurant for you? I’ll inform the librarian and see what she says.

Try to understand that there are other people on this planet.

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  1. slothbag permalink

    I’ve had this happen. A table begins to complain to one of my servers that a table next to them is being too loud. The guy actually had some water go down the wrong pipe and started coughing and then the people at his table were laughing at him. They were already about half way done with their meal and then the table next to them, (who had just been sat and only had their drinks) started complaining that they were making too much noise. Please bear in mind that this was in a brewery, not exactly fine dining. So I approached the complainer and asked him if I could move his table to another area, “Why should we have to move? They are the ones making all the noise!” This was my response, “Well, I can either move you to another area, you can either figure out a way to deal with it, or you can find the exit.” Needless to say the guy was pretty pissed, my server got stiffed and we didn’t see those people again. Problem easily solved; the next customer that paid with cash I just deleted items off their ticket afterwards so my server made up the cash from the complainer, and the whiny complaining guy that wants complete silence in a public place never came back.

  2. Yeesh! Recently I had lunch with a friend and her two daughters. The young girls were just giggling and we got a nasty stare from a customer at the next table. But what really pissed me off was that my friend APOLOGIZED to her! I wanted to wring her neck! Those kids are so well behaved and an apology was not necessary!

    I guess people aren’t allowed to enjoy themselves anymore … fun is not an option! As Led Zeppelin once said, “Does anybody remember laughter?”

  3. Nothing is more disheartening than hearing a woman sighing constantly in the adjacent table because she’s trying to read her book in peace – we were in Paris too! How can you escape dinner-table conversation?

  4. Jeni Johnson permalink

    Tell us how you feel about birthdays at your work!!!!!!!!

  5. I love “noisy” restaurants one reason to go out for dinner with just a good book in my purse, I wanna hear those noises. Awesome, Inspirational, but jeah of course if one prefers to be only occupied with oneself thoughts, a noisy restaurant is HELL, 😀 I mean all those selfish people who can simply not shut up.. tststs

  6. I love hearing this as a hostess. “Oh, I’m sorry, this table has other tables next to it that actually have people at them? You say you want a table with no other people around it? Maybe you should eat where you can control how many people are around. Like your house.”

  7. Who the fuck complains about noise? Do they expect you to run around shusshing everyone?

    • Shhh!! And you over there, Shhh!! Hey people at the host stand, Shhh!! Haha. Thats kind of funny.

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