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July 13, 2012

You make it a point to tell me how a certain restaurant dish isn’t as delicious as the way your mom makes it for you at home, and how I should come over and try your moms sometime, even though I’d rather put needles under my nails than to have to see you or your moms crappy food on my day off.

Another prime example of the customer taking seconds off of my life with some garbage they feel I need to hear. If you like the way your mom makes it, what the hell are you ordering it at a restaurant for?

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. Agreed. My favorite is also when people go to a place that is known for seafood (for example). Then they go out of their way to order chicken or steak, and complain that it wasn’t that great. I know someone who does that all the time. Highly annoying!

  2. That is so true with ethnic or reginal food. Don’t know how many people spouted out that’s not authentic Chicago or New York… and don’t get me started on Philly anything s.o.b.’s! If they make it so much better WTF are you doing here? Go the flock back-s were-s you came-z from…

  3. slothbag permalink

    Let us not forget about the annoying “know it all”. “I own and run a restaurant; your food is crap…..I mean this dish is pathetic.” Hey dumb dick, than go eat at your perfectly constructed and well run restaurant. I am a “server”, which means I deliver the food and pretend to give a shit about you and your worthless friends and family. I don’t own the place, certainly did not create the menu, and definitely DO NOT cook, prepare, or decide what ingredients to put in what dishes. Your opinion is as valuable fingernail clippings, what the ‘f’ am I supposed to do with this information? If you don’t like our food or how it is prepared, than go elsewhere; we don’t care how good YOU do it, we don’t work for you, and probably wouldn’t because you act and sound like a giant douche bag.

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