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The Early Bird Gets The Worm

July 11, 2012

I’m sorry that your arms are crossed and you’re upset because you’re too late to order the early bird meal. But I’ll tell you what, if you leave right now, you’ll be making me happy.

Again, how old are you? Stop acting like a 3 year old that didn’t get what he wanted for his birthday. It’s one lousy meal of your life. Get over it.  This picture has nothing to do with this post. I happened to come across it and I had to put it on here.

From → Lame "Guests"

  1. Greg permalink

    Hello, what can i get for you? Oh, I am so sorry but the early bird got the worm. Next time why don’t you come earlier. I am sorry that you are not hungry at the times we serve the early bird menu. Here is the same item you wanted from the early bird menu and there will be some left over for you to have another meal tomorrow at anytime you want. And if you think about it you will get two meals for less than the price of 2 early bird meals. With that being said, what can I get you? Water, lemons and sugar. No problem, one lemonade comming up, you stingy bastard!

  2. Food just turns into poop in several hours anyway, right? 😉

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