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Lemonade Stand

July 10, 2012

You’d like some extra lemons and sugar so you can make your own lemonade because you’re too much of a cheap ass to buy one? . . . Sweet.

You’re not fooling anybody.  Maybe next time you can ask for both lemons and limes then blow some air through your straw so you can make your own 7up.

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  1. kategreer permalink

    I hate to admit that I’ve done this, but I do this because it’s a stronger flavor than pre-made lemonade.

    • Yeah, a lot of people do this. “Can I have as many lemons as possible?” I dont mind it at all. Unfortunately, these are also the same people who usually leave tiny tips too.

  2. Greg permalink

    Great one! I just used that on a different post. I used to love to tell people that ordered water, lemon and sugar, not to worry because we had lemonade already made up for them.

  3. As a server myself – I know exactly what this is like! Hilarious to see it said here!

  4. if the resturant allows it why do you get upset? I personally like dr pepper myself, but if the manager allows people to get lemon water and a packet of sugar for free why not? if they are ordering a meal then why get upset? while I find your posts funny for hte most part I sense a tad bit of annoyance at people for ordering things and wanting things they are generally paying for, tho I agree the more the servers has to to do the more tip they should get.

    • Just because a restaurant allows something, doesnt mean that its always ok. Sugar packets are for drinks such as coffee or iced tea. They are being paid for then. When someone asks for sugar and lemons, there is usually no charge. Ive come to find for the most part, that the people who do this, are usually the cheapies and leave poor tips.

      • I always ask for lemon water, when I am watching my sugar intake, but I am always ordering a meal. I usually drink dr pepper but once in a while they don’t have it at a resturant. I have read posts from these poor tippers who feel that tips are supposed to be optional and that they should be able to not pay it if they want. I figure if I can’t affrord to give a decent tip (unless service was lousy) then I can’t afford to eat out. I try to tip really well when I get pizza delivered, I know how much it costs for gas and such. I know how much groceris cost I do the shopping every week now for the last 22 years.

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