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Allergy Season

July 3, 2012

You’re a vegetarian and you’re allergic to shellfish? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this is a steak and seafood restaurant.

You couldn’t be more annoying if you tried. I shouldn’t have to suffer your special orders due to your allergies or any other dietary restrictions you may have. I’m allergic to you.

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  1. javaj240 permalink

    I am sick to death of the so-called “mushroom allergy”. It’s bullshit. It is so rare to actually be allergic to mushrooms that most people would not come into contact with one person with a true allergy their entire lives. Seriously. Most people who are allergic to mushrooms are those that work with them and, over a very long period of time this exposure turns into overexposure or whatever. Almost no one is born with a mushroom allergy. I want to squeeze mushroom juice into their food and then tell them about two days later.

    And don’t even get me started on the gluten-free thing. Enough! If you are gluten-free because you have ciliac disease, ok, fine, I understand. But this is a very, very small percentage of folks. If you are gluten-free because you think it will help your arthritis or keep you from getting arthritis (and the jury really is still out on this) then if you ingest something with gluten in it, you won’t die. Even if you have ciliac disease, you won’t die. So, relax. Or don’t eat out.

    And, if you are gluten-free for a valid reason, then YOU should know what you can and cannot eat. Our cooks came over here from some third-world country in a barrel. They do the best they can. They are not nutritionists or doctors. Neither am I.

    • I love it!! I couldnt agree with you more!! Squeezing the mushroom juice on their food!!! HAHAHA!! So funny!

  2. javaj240 permalink

    Okay, so today I heard a new one. A black pepper allergy. I was like, really? How do you live in the world? So, the pepper was removed from her table and all surrounding tables lest some pepper dust were to find its way 20 feet to her table and thus find its way to her mucous membranes. Oh, and no one in her party of 15 could have their food seasoned ( why? Why? Why? even dine out with this person unless she is paying, LOL~~ she wasn’t). I came home and looked it up.. A true black pepper allergy occurs in 5 to 10 people in 10,000 and has varying severity amongst these folks. Symptoms include….wait for it…sneezing. Really? So, again another full of shit narcissist. Ugh!

  3. people read alot of stuff on the internet and symptoms and conclude they are allergic to this or that or have some kind of digestive problem without having gone to the doctor. self diagnosis not a good thing sometimes. they feel bad don’t know why read symptoms on a symptom checker and then conclude they have it, ever read those symptom checkers they pretty much fit every symptom anyone can ever have and ever condition that has ever existed. are you tired in the morning? cant get out of bed? do you have strong food cravings? does you stomach get upset when you eat? (what yu eating too much ice cream maybe?)do you lack motivation? do you get headaches and is pms a real problem? then you have such and such. vague symptoms make it easy to self diagnose.

  4. I think Momofuku in Manhattan declares on the menu, “We do not prepare vegetarian alternatives to our dishes.” Nuff said.

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