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I Know My Drinks

June 29, 2012

In an attempt to make me think you know your drinks (As if I gave a rats ass in the first place), you’re using some sort of bartending lingo that you picked up at some hick bar that you visited 5 years ago. Instead of actually getting what you want, you receive something that tastes more like watered down Boones Farm… Nice move.

“Yeah, give me a cuba libre with a side saddle, and easy on the stirrups.” Unfortunately for you, only the toothless bartender who served you that drink in whatever little podunk town you were in, knows how to make that.

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  1. Greg permalink

    Better yet, I will take a Pina Colada please. Only to return to the table to have the guy tell you that he can’t taste the alcohol. Well then take off your panties and order a real man’s drink. You pansy.

  2. People who use names like cuba libre for drinks drive me NUTS!!! I feel your pain.

    • Yes!! Thankyou. No need to say Cape Cod or Greyhound. Just give me ingredients people!!

  3. I love your blog and like to subscribe but I can’t see a subscribe botton ???

  4. That looks delicious.

  5. Based on this post…kinda lookin’ forward to a Cuba Libre.

  6. Sarah permalink

    Hey now that Snow Creek Berry Boones is pretty good stuff when your under 21.

  7. The comments and the replies are almost as good as the blog. I laughed out loud at both, thanks

  8. I don’t drink so I wouldn’t have a clue what that drink is and it doesn’t look very appetizing. Just give me a creme de cocoa and milk please. 🙂

  9. That picture really illustrates your point. Whatever happened to real cocktails? A gin Martini. Bourbon. On the rocks. A Negroni, even. Sheesh.

    • Yes! I couldnt agree more. Even though I had to google Negroni 🙂 Sounds like a nice simple drink though.

  10. Out of curiosity is that something someone threw up in? Then added a super duper sized cheeto to it to melt? YUK!

  11. I’m lucky that way. ‘Glenlivet neat’ is universally understood.

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