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Not Funny. Not even a little

June 19, 2012

Jokingly, you tell me that your food was awful even though your plate is empty. I’m only laughing because it’s the tenth time I’ve heard it today and I feel like God is playing a trick on me.

I think there must be a secret society of people who get together and tell the same corny knock-knock jokes over and over. Then after their meeting is over, they venture out to whatever restaurants they come across just so they can lay the “My food was terrible” joke on some poor server. It just isn’t right.

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  1. mcowser permalink

    I love your site. Its hilarious.

  2. notedinnashville permalink

    You’re right. Lame joke. I’ve had waiters offer their version of the same joke.: “I guess SOMEBODY like it!” Or, “Sorry you didn’t like it!.” Of course, I practically lick my plate clean, so I’m embarrassed that they’ve pointed it out to the entire restaurant.

  3. Sadly, there is such a secret society. However, we get revenge for you by working in retail and telling our customers the same crappy jokes every time we see them.

  4. Write4Publish permalink

    I love this site. I’m sure my husband will like it even more, which is why I married him: sense of humour. By the way, in Australia we don’t pay tips, unless we really want to, because everyone gets a good wage.

    • Thanks Im glad you like it! I wish servers made a better wadge here too. Instead, our finances are left in the hands of the cheapies.

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